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myofascial massage gun
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FG-04 myofascial massager gun manufacturer

Product Specification:

  • Model Number : FG-04
  • Type : Muscle Massager
  • Application : Body
  • Function : Muscle Massage
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Product parameters

  • Product weight: 1kg                                      Intensity gear: 6 gear adjustment
  • Main material: ABS 1 EVA                             Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium battery

myofascial massage gun

6 gear force adjustment

Meet the massage needs of differentgroups, gear vibration massage, whether t is muscle relaxation after exercise or daily body massage, can find a relatively suitable vibration frequencyto meet most massage needs.

myofascial massage gunmyofascial massage gun

4 kinds of professional massage head

Take good care of every muscle group
In order to, provide a more comfortable massage experience, we provide four types of soft gel massage heads for different parts according to the force charaacteristics of the body muscles. We can replace the correspondding massage heads according to their own needs.

myofascial massage gun

myofascial massage gun

Long term endurance

New experience of deep massage
Long term companionship can surpass yourself. The fascia massager will use long term energy storage lithium battery to provide continuous andstable energy supply to the motor, and also bring you an unrestrained deep massage experience.

Fascia Massager Gun

1kg Light body Easy massage

The combination of high tenacity bulletproof adhesive and light canvas is equipped with a fascia massager with smaller volume and smaller weight. The weight is only 1kg. The wireless handheld designcan get rid of the tangle of wires. It can be carried to any occasionand enjoy massage anytime and anywhere.

Fascia Massager Gun

One click Control Easier operation

The integrated T-shaped structure, combined with the omni-directional semicircle anti-collision design, creates a mellowand soft appearance. With a key switçh that can realize all operationsof the machine, it interprets the design concept of simple achievement of a better life.

Fascia Massager Gun

More humanized design

myofascial massager gun

myofascial massager gun

myofascial massage gun CE  FCC  ROHS certificates

myofascial massage gun

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