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Do you know the four factors that influence the result of home pulse oximeter?

0 Shenzhen Jiangnan Medical Technology Co., LTD. 2020-10-19 17:04:20

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families are beginning to pay attention to family health expenditures, especially home medical devices are becoming more popular. For example, the home pulse oximeter, the pulse oximeter produced by our Jiangnan Medical is not only beautiful in price, but also convenient to use, and the elderly at home can quickly operate it by themselves; it is no longer necessary to take blood to measure the blood oxygen index, just just a finger You can know your blood oxygen level and pulse. At home, you can follow the health of your family at any time.

home pulse oximeter

So what details should we pay attention to during the inspection process? Why can the blood oximeter measure the blood oxygen level in the body with a clip on the finger? First of all, let's understand the working principle of pulse oximeter.
We call the oxygen content of hemoglobin at any moment the blood oxygen saturation, and the blood oxygen saturation measured by the oximeter. Hemoglobin has a state of carrying oxygen, and of course there is an empty state. We call hemoglobin that carries oxygen as oxygenated hemoglobin, and hemoglobin in an unloaded state is called reduced hemoglobin.
Oxyhemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin have different absorption characteristics in the visible and near infrared spectrum. Reduced hemoglobin absorbs more red frequency light and absorbs less infrared frequency light; while oxygenated hemoglobin absorbs less red frequency light and absorbs more infrared frequency light. This difference is the most basic basis for pulse oximeter. After a series of calculations, the oximeter displays the blood oxygen saturation data on the display.

home pulse oximeter

Therefore, if we perform violent movement in the measured part of the patient's limbs during the measurement, this will affect the extraction of this regular pulse signal, so that accurate data cannot be obtained from the measurement results. Therefore, we must maintain a stable state during the detection process and avoid strenuous exercise.
When the patient's peripheral circulation is severely impaired, such as in a shock patient, the arterial blood flow of the measured part will decrease, making the measurement inaccurate or impossible. Therefore, different oximeter models are suitable for people with different physical conditions, so when using it, you must determine which model you are suitable for.

home pulse oximeter

When strong light from the outside irradiates the blood oxygen probe, it may cause the photoelectric receiving device to deviate from the normal range, resulting in inaccurate measurement. Therefore, the blood oxygen probe should be avoided as much as possible during testing.
Also, when the nails are painted with nail polish or the blood pressure is measured on the same arm, it will be difficult to measure the blood oxygen saturation. Don't pick the finger with the nail during the test.
Finally, I will summarize the factors that affect the accuracy of blood oxygen saturation monitoring: the product's sensor position is not in place; the nails are too long, and the nail polish affects the signal detection; the interference of the strong light environment on the signal; the shock patient, the skin temperature is too low; When measuring blood pressure in the ipsilateral arm, it affects the pulsation of peripheral blood vessels and makes it difficult to measure.

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