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What is the role of fda approved pulse oximeter to prevent COVID-19?

0 Shenzhen Jiangnan Medical Technology Co., LTD. 2020-10-19 16:42:31

Since the global COVID-19 has continued to spread, after such a long period of time, experts from various countries have clearly stated that the virus will coexist for a long time unless an inactivated vaccine is developed. So before the emergence of vaccines, what methods should we use to protect ourselves and our families from virus infection? The fda approved pulse oximeter is a medical device that can measure the oxygen content in the arterial blood of the human body, and can detect our body's heart rate and blood oxygen health level at any time.

fda approved pulse oximeter

Of course, fda approved pulse oximeter that most people have seen are used by sub-healthy patients in hospitals. Now we have launched this application to check healthy people, and detect our heart rate and blood oxygen indicators at any time, so that we can quickly identify our healthy people. Are you infected with the COVID-19?

What is the function of the FDA approved pulse oximeter?
A FDA approved pulse oximeter is a small device that can be clipped to your fingertips and measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level, both of which are tracked on a small screen. The device emits a small beam of light whose reflection or absorption indicates how much oxygen is in the blood. What we have launched is a portable pulse oximeter that we can carry more easily so that we can know our own health status at any time during the epidemic.

fda approved pulse oximeter

The heart rate and blood oxygen value of a FDA approved pulse oximeter are important indicators for determining whether we are healthy. In hospitals, these devices are often used as a non-invasive method for tracking vital signs before, during, and after surgery. But our portable pulse oximeter is convenient for family use. Every day when we go to get off work and go to the supermarket to buy food, we will contact many people with unknown health. In order to better manage the health of family members, we need to use the pulse oximeter frequently. Detect blood oxygen indicators of family members to achieve early detection and early prevention.

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