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Do you know how to use the portable finger pulse oximeter produced by JN

0 Shenzhen Jiangnan Medical Technology Co., LTD. 2020-10-19 16:21:44

Do you know how to use a portable finger pulse oximeter? Our finger pulse oximeter is a tool to monitor the oxygen content in the patient's arterial blood. Through our pulse oximeter, we can detect the beating of the arteries in our body, and then calculate our blood oxygen and heart rate indicators. So, what is the function of pulse oximeter and what kind of people is it suitable for?

portable finger pulse oximeter

The portable finger pulse oximeter produced by Jiangnan Medical Co., Ltd. works well and is suitable for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, especially the elderly with respiratory problems. Monitoring blood oxygen index can provide a good understanding of whether their breathing and immune systems are normal. Blood oxygen saturation has become an important physiological indicator for daily monitoring of ordinary families; medical staff also use blood oxygen as a mandatory monitoring item for ward rounds and visits , The frequency of use tends to overwhelm the stethoscope; patients with respiratory diseases, especially those who snore for a long time, use ventilator and oxygen generator, use oximeter in daily life to monitor the treatment effect.

portable finger pulse oximeter

The use of portable finger pulse oximeter is very simple:
1. Install two AAA batteries according to the positive and negative markings in the battery box, and cover the battery cover.
2. Squeeze the clamp.
3. Insert your finger into the rubber hole (preferably extend your finger completely), and then release the clamp.

portable finger pulse oximeter

3.1 Just press the button on the front panel.
3.2 When using the portable finger pulse oximeter for the first time, press the reset button first, and the screen will display the ready status. Then press the open clip. Put the middle finger of your left or right hand into the work compartment, you can see the infrared light in the work compartment. Note: Don’t pinch your fingers crookedly, don’t wet your hands, and don’t have foreign objects (such as nail polish) on the nail surface. After waiting for the finger to be in full contact with the studio, the LED displays the detection speed. When entering the test state, it should be noted that it is best not to shake the tested finger during use, and it is best not to move the human body to keep the tested finger stable. Do not shake up and down, and it is best to place the hand on the table stably. Adjust your breathing evenly.
4. Read relevant data directly from the display.
5. In the working state, lightly press the key to change the display direction.
6. In the working state, long press the key to change the screen brightness.

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